Springfield Handmade & Vintage Market at Best Dressed Dame:                                                                         This is a monthly market that happens on the           2nd Saturday from 2:00 - 6:00 pm. The event             is held at Best Dressed Dame located at                       1229 North Main Street, Jacksonville FL                     April 13th                                                                         May 11th                                                                         June 8th                                                                           July 13th                                                                        August 10th                                                                    September 14th                                                              October 12th


December 2013 I was a single mom, alcoholic, working at a morally conflicting job, and just generally unhappy with where I found myself in life. I had struggled with my alcoholism for years, struggled with my finances, struggled with parenting by myself... I was tired.

On Christmas Eve I found myself in an AA meeting, and made the decision to get sober and stop struggling all the time. 7 months into my journey of sobriety I found the struggle to be a bit less. Of course I was still at the job I hated, still doing the mom thing alone, but life didn't seem so bleak.

And then I met my husband. He was the one who got me interested in pyrography (wood burning) as a way to fill up the "free time" I suddenly had an abundance of. Little did I know that it was going to become a full blown obsession.

I was working full time in mortgage banking, and like a lot of people I was simply going through the daily motions to collect my paycheck. I was not happy at all with where I found myself... drained, morally conflicted, and burnt out. I would be at work thinking of nothing but going home and starting on another burning, going to buy wood, or what design I wanted to try next. I remember telling everyone that I wished I could just quit my job and burn full time instead...

Well like the old saying goes "Be careful what you wish for because you just might get it"...

December of 2014, just 1 year into my sobriety, I discovered I was pregnant. Due to complications during pregnancy I ended up taking an extended leave from work... I had lots of time to focus on my burning and other art during that time.

Our son was born September of 2015 and the decision was made that I would just stay home with the kids instead of going back to work.

And that is when RL Pyrography was truly born!

Now I am living the proverbial dream...

It's 2019, I am 5+ years sober, I am home with my kids, I am doing what I love, and I am using my art to give back to the world and community around me.